Message from President

Message from President

田尻達郎It is a great honor for me to be appointed as the 24th President of the prestigious Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons (JSPS). During my presidency, I will devote myself to nurturing young pediatricians who are important for the future of Japan, and I also hope to contribute to development of pediatric surgery and care, in gratitude for the support given to me by the JSPS.

It is about 50 years since the JSPS was established. At the time it was founded, Japanese pediatric surgery was several decades behind European and US pediatrics. Nowadays, clinical and research work in Japan has developed markedly due to the efforts of senior pediatric surgeons. The level of this work now compares favorably with pediatrics in advanced countries, and we play a leading role in Asia.

The environment of pediatric surgeons has been changing and the JSPS has adapted to these circumstances. In the past two years, we have discussed making the activities of the JSPS freer and more extensive, and we have planned revisions to the corporate organization that makes it most appropriate for JSPS. Following this discussion, the JSPS was changed from a non-profit corporation to a general incorporated association in April 2019. The Japanese Medical Specialty Board was founded in May 2014, and the program for surgical specialists, which is the basic field for pediatric surgery in the newly established system of certified specialists, was started in 2018. The certified specialist system for pediatric surgeons, as a sub-specialty, maintains conventional curriculum-based training, which is an essential part of the JSPS specialist system, within a system that meets current needs. The JSPS website includes the important phrase indicating that “A certified pediatric surgeon is a ‘surgeon to whom parents entrust their child(ren) with security’”. We intend to develop an attractive certified specialist system for residents and medical students with the aim of producing a ‘surgeon to whom parents entrust their child(ren) with security’, in close cooperation with the Japan Surgical Society and with sharing of information with five other surgical sub-specialty fields.

In addition to the certified specialist system, close collaboration with other societies is needed to link various activities and discussions of pediatric medical care. As academics and specialists, we will continue to work with officials in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on issues in maternal and child healthcare, pediatric cancer and refractory diseases. Furthermore, we should all engage in tackling many tasks, including strengthening the JSPS financial base by recruiting students and young doctors as members, the concept of pediatric surgery in “working style reform”, international promotion of academic meetings, proposals for workshops related to pediatric surgery, and overseas support for pediatric surgery.

I would like to thank you sincerely for your support and help with all these activities.

June 2019
Tatsuro Tajiri
President of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons


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